Friday Night Funkin Sarvente Ruv Date mod (Date-Night Masses)

Friday Night Funkin Sarvente Ruv Date mod (Date-Night Masses)? Sarvente and Ruv, who appear in Sarvente mode, one of the most popular funfung mods, are often entwined as lovers. This mode is based on the concept of dating as lovers, singing several lovely songs.

Friday Night Funkin Sarvente Ruv Date mod

Today, let’s learn how to install Date-Night Masses mod together. Friday Night Funkin (Download) original version is required to install and apply FNF mode. If you have prepared the original version file, unzip it and proceed to the next step.

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Click the Sarvente Ruv Date mod (Link) to go to the Gamebanana site where you can download the Date-Night Masses mod, and then click the Download button to download the file.

Date Night Masses

If you have downloaded the file, unzip the mod file. After that, you can open the unzipped file and double-click the DNM.exe file among various files to run the game.

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If the mod was installed correctly, you should see the title screen with Sarvente and Ruv. Afterwards, you can play the game by selecting Date Week in Story Mode. Play Sarvente, Ruv’s Sweet Date!