Pearl Abyss dokeV Release Date?

“dokeV” is a third-person open-world action-adventure game developed and published by Pearl Abyss. It is one of the new projects announced at Pearl Abyss Connect held at G-Star 2019 on November 14, 2019. The gameplay was played on Gamescom on August 26, 2021. The trailer has been released and is once again attracting a lot of attention.


According to the information disclosed in the developer’s official interview, it is the story of children (players) who rescue the dokeV with the dokeV while fighting a profit-seeking black company by making Androids with chips obtained from collecting the dokeV. The background in the game refers to Ulleungdo. It is said that there is a Korean atmosphere everywhere.


Release Date?

Currently, the exact release date is “undecided”, and you can receive news about what’s happening in the dokeV official site ( by entering your e-mail address. Although it is not an official story, it is said that Chirashiro is developing with the goal of release in 2022.

Developer Interview

Q. How did you come up with the game?

With the idea of ​​making a game that the whole family can play, let’s make an adventure game with the dokeV. Ghostbusters I watched it so deeply when I was young that it remained in my memory for the rest of my life, but I started thinking that if I did a good job of making homage to those things and harmonizing them well with open world action games, wouldn’t a slightly different game come out?

dokeV Play

Q. What kind of game is dokeV?

A. Actually, I was a father when I first made a game called dokeV. As a father, is there any game I can play with this child? I want to make a game that we can play together. This game called dokeV was started with such a motive,

The main story seems to be the adventure where the protagonist collects dokeV with friends, solves each event or problem, and sets off to find the dokeV full of personality.

Still, I tried to capture a lot of laughter. It’s not just a cute and cute expression, I really observed a lot of how children behave, and I made a lot of effort to reflect them.

I wanted to include familiar images rather than new ones, and I am trying to add a lot of metaverse elements so that when you play the game in a virtual world, you get a feeling similar to reality. In particular, I tried to add a lot of Korean elements. I am currently planning and thinking about putting it in several places.


Q. How is the battle going?

A. I think the battle scenes should be in a form that can be enjoyed by the public while incorporating the action style of the Pearl Abyss, and we are working hard to do that.

While fighting freely with various movements, we are developing so that you can laugh and laugh with the feeling of the action of the battle itself and the fun expressions that are slightly exaggerated, and the appearance of attacking the enemy with the dokeV.

Q. How do you become friends with a dokeV?

A. As the story of the dokeV progresses, you will meet and collect various dokeV. When certain conditions are met, a special event related to the dokeV will occur, and you can acquire the dokeV while proceeding with a unique story.

There are hints related to the dokeV not only in the village but also in the open world. It seems like you can enjoy the process of finding these and meeting new dokeV.

dokeV Release Date

Q. What evaluation do you expect?

A. There are things that everyone thought of when they were young, that they dreamed of flying and things like that. Flying in the sky, moving faster, acting like Superman, and imaginary movements like that are put in a lot of effort so that you can actually experience them in the game.

Recently, while developing dokeV, I connected to the dokeV server one day, and I want users to feel “Ah, I have entered the dokeV world” when we started the game later. .

I want to be loved by many people as a game where you can laugh and sympathize with children and enjoy with your family. I wish I could enjoy various adventures with these demons like friends.

We are currently developing this game with the belief that it must be made to be the best game. It will probably be full of adventure, and it will be an exciting game.