Exhibit of Sorrows Free Download

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Exhibit of Sorrows Download Link & This article explains how to download the PC version. What is Exhibit of Sorrows? Released on April 24, 2022, it is a simple horror game where you solve puzzles in a circus-themed pavilion.

Exhibit of Sorrows?

We arrived at an exhibition with a curious circus theme. Music plays faintly in the background. The exhibition is interactive. Have fun exploring, and don’t upset the clown.

Exhibit of Sorrows

Exhibit of Sorrows Download

1. https://adayofjoy.itch.io/exhibit-of-sorrows Click on the link to go to the site where you can play the Exhibit of Sorrows.

Game Start

2. Click BEGIN to play the game directly from the web.

circus horror game

3. BEGIN Click to start the game with a simple animation effect. You can change the viewpoint by moving left and right.

Exhibit of Sorrows gameplay

4. You can wander around to discover hidden tricks, get items, and move on to the next one.