Gather.Town Download (MAC/Windows)

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This article explains the Download (MAC/Windows) link and how to use it. As of this writing, small groups of 25 or less are free to download and try. However, more than that requires a separate rate plan. Today, let’s learn how to install Gathertown, how to use it, and its price.

Now that it is difficult to go out because of the virus, telecommuting and remote classes are becoming common, and it is one of the programs that has become known. It is a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, but it is a video conferencing platform like Zoom, but a map can be created freely by adding a metaverse element. They can move inside and communicate with each other. free Download Download

1. Go to the official website of Getertown and download the Mac or Windows version depending on your operating system.

2. Double-click the received exe file to run it, and after a while, the program is automatically downloaded and executed.

Gather town main

How to use

When you log in, you can keep ownership of your space, add friends, and more!

1. Click Sign in on the gather program main screen.

2 Click Sign in with Google to proceed with Google sign-in.

3. After logging in, click Create a New Space. office

4. When you click Create a New Space, you can see various office templates and click the map you like.

5.You can create an office by entering the name of the office in the yourspacename field, selecting What are you building this space for, and clicking the Create space button.

Invite people

6. If you want to invite others after creating an office, click the grape icon -> Invite people -> Copy Link in the upper right corner and send the copied link to the person you want to access.