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Ghost Watchers Free Download PC link. Ghost Watchers is released on Jul 28, 2022. About The Game? co-op online horror game. You will explore and hunt ghosts in abandoned houses

Ghost Watchers?

You will have to explore the ghost, and then catch it! In this hunt everything is important: look for evidence, find out the age of the ghost, feel what kind of mood it is in

Ghost Watchers

Ghost Watchers Download

1. Click the link to go to the Ghost Watchers page.

2. Add to Cart -> Steam Login -> Click Buy for Direct Use and proceed to checkout. It supports various options such as smartphone payment and card payment.

3. After payment, launch the Steam launcher and download and play Ghost Watchers added to the library.

Join Steam

Ghost Watchers is a playable, downloadable game that costs $14.99 and requires a Steam account to complete this process. If you do not have a Steam account, please register as a member. (free)

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1. Go to the page, select your current email address and country of residence, then click Continue.

2. A Steam verification email will be sent to the email address you entered. Click Verify my email address with Gmail.

3. If you go back to the signup page you opened the first time, you can enter your Steam account name and password. After entering all these items, click the Done button to sign up for Steam membership.


  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel i5
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • GPU: 4 GB Video RAM
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 250 MB available space


Ghost Watchers GamePlay

Ghost Watchers

Ghost Watchers GamePlay 3