Java Download all versions (7, 8, 16, 17, 18)

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This article provides download links for all versions of Java. After the recent Minecraft update, it has been updated to run the bucket normally and install Optifine and mods only by using the Java 16 version. So, after deletion, you need to download a lower version again. In that sense, I will write a post that allows you to easily download Java.

Java Download all versions

We provide links for simple installation from Java 7 to the most recent version 17. After that, if a new version is released, we will update it. If there is a version missing, please leave a comment and we will add it immediately.

Java etc
Java SE 17
Java SE 16
Java SE 15
Java SE 14 JAVA ME
Java SE 13
Java SE 12
Java SE 11 JavaFX 1.x
Java SE 10 JavaFX 2.x
Java SE 9 JavaFX Scene Builder
Java SE 8 mc version 1.16.5 or lower will download SE 8, and from version 1.17 onwards SE 16 will be downloaded.
Java SE 7

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How to Download Java

How to Download Java

Click the version you want to download from the table above to go to the official site. Depending on your Linux / macOS / Windows operating system, you can download Java by clicking the link next to the operating system Installer. After that, double-click the received program to run it and follow the instructions to install it.