La Madriguera Game Download (bear cake)

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This article explains how to download La Madriguera game and how to download the link and PC version. Of course, you can play for free, and you can install and play right away without a separate membership registration and login process.

La Madriguera?

bear cake game? It is a game that has become famous and played by several streamers. The game starts with a bear sitting on the sofa. It is a simple game where you can bring the cake from the desk by all means while sitting and eat it. Depending on the person, it may take from 1 to 30 minutes. can. It is also a game that is more fun to watch as a video than to play directly like a jar game.

bear cake game

La Madriguera Download

1. Click the link to go to the official site distributing the Bear Cake game.

2. Click the Download button to download La file and decompress it.

3. Double-click the La Madriguera.exe file to launch and play the game. You can play from the beginning by using the mouse and pressing the R key. Recommend other games