How To Minecraft Lunar Client Download?

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How To Minecraft Lunar Client Download? This article introduces how to download Lunar Client, a Minecraft PVP client, and how to play the game after setting it up. There are users who play in the original state, but there are more users who play with texture packs and mods installed when playing the game on the PVP server. The reason is that higher frame rates and various features are added when playing in the normal state. The downside is that you have to do a fresh install every time you change the version.

Lunar Client?

What are the benefits of using the Lunar Client rather than vanilla Minecraft? It comes with several mods and powerful optimizations that allow for a number of additional features, but still shows higher framerates than the vanilla version. Also, since all PVP related mods are installed, there is no need to apply them one by one.

Lunar Client Download

Lunar Client Download

1. Lunar Client Download Link Click to go to the official site and click the Download button below depending on your operating system.

Lunar Client install

2. Double-click the installed file to run it, and click Agree to proceed with the installation.


3. After installation, Luna Client is automatically launched. Click the ▽ icon next to LAUNCH 1.8 to change the version.

Choose a version

3. Select the version you want to play and press Select Version. (Hypixel Server recommends version 1.8)

4. After selecting the version, press LAUNCH on the main screen to automatically install.

Lunar Client main

5. After installation is complete, click LAUNCH to launch Minecraft in the selected version, then click Singleplayer or Multiplayer.

Minecraft Login

6. After entering your Minecraft ID and password, you can click CONFIRM to log in.

Lunar Client Add-on

Add-on settings

When you enter the in-game, you can see that a new tab has been created as shown in the picture. Also, in case of multiplayer, there is an icon over the nickname to help people who are using Lunacle know each other.

If you press the right shift key, the settings screen appears and you can turn various options on or off. If you want to turn off the coordinates that appear by default, click Coordinates to disable it.

+It is also possible to apply shaders with the Optifine mod installed. (How to apply shaders)

lunar client error fix

lunar client error fix

If you get an error stating Failed to launch Lunar Cnent and Failed to launch Java, the solution is simple. If Java is not installed, click the link to download Java 8 for version 1.7~1.16.5, Java 16 for version 1.17, and Java 17 for version 1.18.

If the error occurs even though Java is installed, delete all files in the C:\Users\username\.lunarclient\jre folder and try again.