Minecraft 1.19.2 Sky Villages Mod Download

Minecraft 1.19.2 Sky Villages Mod Download This is a mode that adds a new huge, beautiful village structure in the air. Sky Island is completely randomly generated in the game world, and each unique structure is created on the generated island. In Minecraft, it is recommended for those who were sorry to have structures such as dungeons and villages only on the ground, and for those who wished to have content to explore in the air.

Minecraft 1.19.2 Sky Villages Mod

Today, let’s learn how to install Minecraft 1.16.5~1.18.2 / 1.19.2 Sky Villages Mod together. In order to apply the mod first, you must first install Forge if it is a Forge version, or Fabric if it is a Fabric version. if not installed Minecraft Forge (Link) / Minecraft Fabric (Link) Please download it first.

Sky Villages Mod Download

Minecraft Sky Villages

If you have installed Forge or Fabric, go to the download site by clicking the download link at the bottom of the post to play Sky Villages mode. After that, you can install the Sky Villages mod by clicking the Download button on the site you moved to.

Minecraft Forge

After downloading Forge or Fabric mods, you can now play by simply applying the mod. Please follow the instructions below to apply the mod.

  1. Press the Windows + R keys at the same time, then in the navigation window that appears, type %appdata% and press Enter.
  2. Find the minecraft file and click it -> click the mods file again (create the mods file if it doesn’t exist)
  3. Paste the downloaded mod into the mods file.
  4. After launching the Minecraft launcher, set it to Forge or Fabric version and click the Play button.

Sky Villages Mod

As mentioned earlier, you can download and apply the Sky Villages mod, then log in to singleplayer and enjoy the mod. Now when you roam the map in-game, you’ll find floating islands! There are two main ways to get to the island, either by stacking blocks or flying by using elytra and firecrackers. Now, let’s install the mod and go on a trip to the Sky Village.


Version Forge Fabric
1.16.5 Download X
1.17.1 Download X
1.18.2 Download Mod / API
1.19.2 Download Mod / API