P2E game new free AirDrop Bxie infinity 2021

Bxie infinity is a P2E game based on Binance Smart Chani and is called the second Axie Infinity in the coin version. The reason I’m introducing Bxie infinity today is because we’re having an airdrop event, so anyone can sign up until December 24, 2021 and receive a monster worth 5-20 dollars for free. It’s currently $5-20, but who knows if the price will go up like the Axie Infinity…. In that sense, I’ll briefly introduce it.

How to get Bxie Infinity Airdrop

https://www.bxieinfinity.com/ To receive airdrops, you need to create a MetaMask account. It can be made easily without additional authentication, so please follow it slowly.

1. A Chrome browser is a must. https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/ Please click the link to install the Chrome browser first.

2. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/metamask Click the link to download the MetaMask extension from the Chrome Web Store.


3. After installation, you will automatically see a page with the words Welcome to MetaMask. Please click Get Started.

Create a coin wallet

4. If you are new to MetaMask, you can click Create Wallet, enter your password and create an account.

back up key

5. Please take a photo of the recovery phrase that appears during membership registration and save it. Then, on the Secret Backup Phrase Check page, look at the pictures and click the words to make them the same sentence. Then membership registration is complete.

Copy wallet id

6. You can copy the account BSC by clicking on Account 1.

Join Bxie Infinity

7. After copying the account BSC, go to https://www.bxieinfinity.com/airdrop, paste it into the BSC Address field, enter your Google email address in the Your Email field, and then register & open You can sign up by clicking .

Bxie Infinity Item

8. I got a pet and a BSX100 worth 5-20 dollars. It is said that NFTs are not immediately transferred to the wallet, but can be charged afterwards. It feels like a reservation in advance and can be exchanged for money after the official service.